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A genaration, a culture, or an entire society can often be defined by the tools it uses and the tools it creates. These tools are unique to the combination of challenges faced by a genaration and are the driving force behind technological progress. It is therefore important to preserve this knowledge in order for our present and future societies to progress. One of the many goals of this website is to aid in the preservation of knowledge and tools percieved irrelavent to today's society.

A good friend of mine put it well:
"We strive, through the preservation and dissemination of knowledge to free ourselves, each and every one of us from the bondage of ignorance." - Michael Lynn

This website strives to be an open online resource to anyone interested in obsolete technology whether it be for research, entertainment or simply to satisfy curiosity!

About the Collection

The virtual collection is based on my personal collection of artifacts, but ultimatley will not be limited to what I have.

To browse the collection, head over to the collection.

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February 9, 2021: The Online Museum of Technology is online!

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